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2022-23 Season

The Four Corners of Europe


with Matvey Lapin, violin
November 4 - 6, 2022


with Sheila Dietrich, soprano
December 2 - 4, 2022


with Christa Patton, harp
February 17-19, 2023


with Addy Sterrett, soprano
May 5 - 7, 2023

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Our newest album

Shining Shore:
Music of Early America

Shining Shore: Music of Early America traverses 200 years of American music from the early seventeenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries and provides a thoughtfully curated overview of how music was used in the early colonies. The album features Three Notch’d Road Artistic Director Fiona Hughes on baroque violin and alto vocals; Steuart Pincombe on cello and baroque cello; Dominic Giardino on historical clarinet; soprano Michelle Pincombe; and bass Peter Walker, who also plays harp, cittern, Appalachian dulcimer, and English guittar on the album.

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Shining Shore: Music of Early America


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Special Event August 20-21

Three Notch’d Road at Garth Newel Music Center

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Three Notch'd Road capped off a week-long residency at Garth Newel Music Center with two performances on August 20th and 21st.

Recorded live:

August 20, 5pm EDT

August 21, 2pm EDT

A Folksong of Ukraine

Hej, Sokoły (Ukrainian: Гей, соколи) is a haunting folksong, here performed by Three Notch'd Road in our 2018 concert "Rejoice, Mother Poland: The Glory of the Polish Baroque" with music of Polish, German, Russian, Italian, and Ukrainian origin.

Peter Walker sings the Polish version of the text, which is similar to the Ukrainian version. A song of resistance during World War II, it is popular in Slovakia as well. The song may have been written by Ukrainian-Polish composer Tomasz Padura (1801-1871) but is thought by some to have earlier origins.

Hej, Sokoły (Ukrainian: Гей, соколи)

Peter Walker, bass vocalist
Fiona Hughes, baroque violin
Jeremy Ward, baroque cello
Arash Noori, theorbo

From Rejoice, Mother Poland: The Glory of the Polish Baroque performed at
Trinity Episcopal Church in Staunton, Va. (November 2018)

1.Hej, tam gdzieś z nad czarnej wody
Siada na koń kozak młody.
Czule żegna się z dziewczyną,
Jeszcze czulej z Ukrainą.

Lo, somewhere from above black waters,
A young cossack mounts his horse.
Sadly he parts with his girl,
But even more sadly with Ukraine.

Refrain: Hej, hej, hej sokoły!
Omijajcie góry, lasy, doły.
Dzwoń, dzwoń, dzwoń dzwoneczku,
Mój stepowy skowroneczku.

Hey, hey, hey, falcons!
Fly past mountains, forests, valleys.
Ring, ring, ring, little bell,
My little steppe skylark.

2.Wiele dziewcząt jest na świecie,
Lecz najwięcej w Ukrainie.
Tam me serce pozostało,
Przy kochanej mej dziewczynie.

There are many girls in the world,
But the best in Ukraine.
There, I left my heart
With my beloved girl.

3.Ona jedna tam została,
Jaskółeczka moja mała,
A ja tutaj w obcej stronie
Dniem i nocą tęsknię do niej.

She alone remained there,
My little swallow,
And I’m here in this foreign land
I miss her day and night.

Additional verses not recorded by Three Notch'd Road:

Żal, żal za dziewczyną,
Za zieloną Ukrainą,
Żal, żal, serce płacze,
Już jej więcej nie zobaczę.

Sorrow, sorrow for that girl
For green Ukraine;
Sorrow, sorrow, heart is crying,
I will see her no more.

Wina, wina, wina dajcie!
A jak umrę pochowajcie
Na zielonej Ukrainie
Przy kochanej mej dziewczynie

Wine, wine, give me wine!
And when I die bury me
In green Ukraine,
By my dear girl.

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